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Susan PicMy name is Susan Paulson, the mother of 3 grown children. My husband, Chris and I have been traveling to Paris for the past 20 years, I studied French in school and continue to do so today.

I am passionate about Paris and its culture, arts, food and wine. I love the art of entertaining. I am a partner in an Interior Design business and enjoy painting, and cooking. When my children were small, I was an exercise instructor, and find it important to combine healthy eating and exercise, as it is easy to do so in Paris with its local foods and abundant parks. I decided to combine all my passions to create, "The Five Senses of Paris"... An apartment in Paris where women can come together and experience Paris from a local perspective. Walking, Seeing, Tasting, Hearing and Feeling the heart of the city.

I have met many wonderful artists over the years in Paris that I call my friends (mes amies)... I am very thankful that they would love to share with you their talents and passions which gives us a more local and intimate experience of Paris.

Also as a member of the French Heritage Society and the American Library in Paris, allows me entrances to some spectacular events.

Another passion of mine is being involved in Philanthropy. I serve on the board of Americans For Philanthropy, an International Organization that raises money and awareness to different villages around the world. We have donated toward building a school for girls in Afghanistan, supplying clean water in South America and Africa, and educating young girls and women in Nepal. A portion of my fees will go toward continuing to stay involved with my work with AFP. 

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