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Engaging with Authors, poets, film makers, Chefs, Historians and Artists.

Homepage PicturesA morning in Paris begins with a typical breakfast of café, baguette and fruit. After that, we might choose to do yoga, Pilates, stretching exercises, or a power walk through one of the city's many parks. Returning to the apartment, we have the prospect of a morning of creativity; perhaps writing poetry with Heather, or painting with me. Lunch takes place at a local bistro or restaurant where poets and artists used to dine, and perhaps still do. During the afternoon, we may head off to a museum for a private tour to learn more about the artists and their work. We might even stop in at an atelier (workshop) to have a local painter or sculptor explain his or her work. Later, we may attend a private view of some new exhibition, or head to Montmartre to visit a film director and learn about the process of creating a documentary film. One morning, we could drive out to Normandy, and visit my friend Susan. There we could have a whole local My French Life Bannercooking and eating experience, with a wine or cheese maker coming in to discuss his passions, followed by a meal cooked with vegetables from the garden, accompanied by that cheese and wine... Read more »

Come experience Paris in a whole new way using all your Five Senses.

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